Safe-Bump Forklift Protectors

Specifically designed for forklifts, these bumpers reduce damage in many applications. The bumpers are made of soft PVC plastic that will absorb energy to prevent damage. The Safe-Bump can be attached to the forks to prevent damage to product such as metal, wood, drywall, furniture, bottles, cans, appliances and electronics.

The Safe-Bump can also be used anywhere on the forklift body to absorb impacts and the bumpers can easily bend 90 degrees to go around corners. With the Safe-Bump, one hit and it pays for itself.

The Safe-Bump measures 18″L x 4″W x 1.5″D and is available in yellow or black. Installation: Simply stick on cleaned and grease-free surfaces.

Each bumper includes 2 magnets, 3M VHB 2-way tape and fork brackets.

Safe-Bump Forklift Bumper Yellow(SAFEBUMP-Y)

Price – $75.00