Look Out Warning

Look-Out Collision Pedestrian Warning System

Look-Out Collision Warning System

Blind intersections are a safety hazard for both forklifts and pedestrians. Over 40% of all forklift accidents involve pedestrians who often do not survive the incident.

LOOK OUT is a warning light device that uses motion sensors to warn on-coming traffic that there is a possible danger around blind corners. Avoid deadly & costly forklift collisions.

100,000 hours lamp life. Indoor, outdoor and cooler applications. Adjustable stable sensors can detect moving object 32 feet away. Works on 110 volt power.

Look-Out 1-Way Collision/Pedestrian Warning System(LOOKOUT-1)

Price: $600.00

Look-Out 2-Way Collision/Pedestrian Warning System(LOOKOUT-2)

Price: $740.00

3-Way Pedestrian Warning System – Ceiling Mount(LOOKOUT-3-CM)

Price: $940.00

3-Way Pedestrian Warning System – Rack Mount(LOOKOUT-3-RM)

Price: $760.00

4-Way Collision/Pedestrian Warning System(LOOKOUT-4)

Price: $1,090.00