CPR Training Online – Blended CPR

CPR Training Online – Blended CPR

What is Blended Learning?

CPR training online or Blended CPR learning consists of online classroom time and hands on instruction and evaluation by a qualified instructor.

CPR training online is done in two parts, the first part of a blended CPR course is done online and makes use of videos and easy-to-follow-along lessons. Students have access to a variety of materials that may assist them in learning how to recognize emergencies, the proper technique to doing high-quality chest compressions, using an AED, and other relevant information. Students are given as much time as they need to examine the material and successfully complete the multiple-choice examination.

CPR Training Online

The second part is an in-person skills session with an instructor is the second element of the training program. Students gain hands-on experience practicing CPR while also receiving live feedback, which helps them improve their rescue breaths and compression techniques and the proper use of an AED.

What are the Advantages of Blended Learning for Businesses?

Businesses may have a logistical challenge scheduling their staff to participate in a three or four hour in-person class. By offering a blended experience the class participants can do the educational part at their convenience, then an instructor goes to your location and does the hands-on portion for everyone, which generally takes about five to ten minutes per person.

Hands-On Practice is Still Beneficial

Learning CPR requires extensive hands-on practice. Certification in CPR or First Aid that can only be obtained online, is not recognized by OSHA regulations.

Students must be aware of how to properly position their hands, how deeply to perform their compressions and speed, and how to synchronize their movements appropriately. Even though all of this material can be spoken and taught in an online training session, in order to actually do CPR, hands-on practice and evaluation by an instructor is required.

Adult, child, and infant Blended classes are available. Online CPR certification and Online First Aid certification courses from HSI are nationally recognized and easy to understand. These courses are for the community, school, workplace, and Healthcare Providers.

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