Fire Safety

October Is National Fire Prevention Month

Fire Safety – Fires caused more than $15.5 billion in direct property loss in 2008

NFPA Journal publishes new fire loss statistics – September 14, 2009

Fires caused more than $15.5 billion in directly property loss. Fires in residential properties caused $8.6 billion of it.

Fire departments responded to an estimated 1.5 million fires in 2008. These fires resulted in 3,320 civilian fire fatalities, 16,705 civilian fire injuries and an estimated $15.5 billion in direct property loss.

Fire Safety


  • 1,451,500 fires were attended by public fire departments, a decrease of 6.8 percent from the year before.
  • 515,000 fires occurred in structures, a decrease of 2.9 percent.
  • 403,000 fires (78 percent) of all structure fires occurred in residential properties.
  • 236,000 fires occurred in vehicles, a decrease of 8.5 percent from the year before.
  • 700,500 fires occurred in outside properties, a decrease of 8.9 percent.
  • A fire department responds to a fire somewhere in the nation every 22 seconds.

A fire occurs in …

  • a structure every 61 seconds
  • a residential structure every 78 seconds
  • a vehicle every 134 seconds
  • an outside property every 45 seconds.

Fire deaths and injuries

  • 3,320 civilian fire deaths occurred in 2008, an increase of 3.2 percent.
  • About 83 percent of all fire deaths occurred in the home.
  • 2,755 civilian fire deaths occurred in the home, a decrease of 3.8 percent.
  • 16,705 civilian fire injuries occurred in 2008, a decrease of 5.5 percent. This estimate for civilian injuries is on the low side, because many civilian injuries are not reported to the fire service.
  • 13,560 of all civilian injuries occurred in residential properties

There was …

  • a civilian fire death every 158 minutes
  • a civilian fire injury every 31 minutes
October is National Fire Prevention Month. Now is the time for you to review your Fire Safety Plan and do your annual Fire Extinguisher Training. Review your Emergency Action Plan and make any necessary changes and practice your fire drill.

In case of fire!!!

  • Sound the alarm and call 9-1-1.
  • Only attempt to fight the fire if it is an incipient stage fire and you have the correct equipment to handle it.
  • Leave the area, closing doors as you go as this will help limit the spread of fire and smoke.
  • If smoke is present, crawl low as the air will be clearer near the floor.
  • Before opening any door, use the back of your hand to test for heat on the door surface. A burn to the back of the hand is less incapacitating than one to the palm. If the door is cool, open it cautiously.
  • Once outside the building, go to the designated meeting point until your name has been noted and you are given further directions.

Nothing can compare to a fire extinguisher class that includes a hands on live fire drill. Let your employees feel the heat that a real fire will expose them to and give them the confidence to act. Call Pulse America today to schedule a class at 954-389-3544 or email us at