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Water-Jel Face Mask Burn Dressing #2970


WATER-JEL BURN FACE MASK, sterile, 12 x 16", individually wrapped


HART #2970, Water-Jel Burn Face MaskWATER-JEL Face Mask Burn Dressing 

A sterile burn dressing designed specifically for the face. Nasal passages, eyes and the mouth are kept clear as the dressing brings cooling relief from pain and the covered area is protected from further contamination. Water-Jel helps prevent burn progressions without doing damage to or being harmful to the eyes. The gel is water soluble so the dressing can be removed easily and it won’t adhere to skin. 

  • Non-adherent dressings cool burns quickly  
  • Makes the removal of burned clothing less painful  
  • Fit designed for the special needs of the facial burn  
  • Sterile dressings remove easily from skin with water  
  • Each sterile dressing is individually wrapped  
  • 12" x 16" dressing 


 ASHI Authorized Training Center Member of the National Preparedness Coalition