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Water-Jel Burn Dressing #2973


WATER-JEL BURN DRESSING, sterile, 4" x 4"


Water-jel Burn Dressing #2973, 4WATER-JEL Burn Dressing  

These ready-to-use Water-Jel burn dressings stabilize and localize damaged areas and protect from contamination. Burngels are a hydro-gel dressing that wraps your burn with a layer of protection. This sterile burn dressing helps prevent burn progression without using water. Protects from contamination while it cools, comforts and relieves pain.

  • Non-adherent dressings cool burns quickly  
  • Makes the removal of burned clothing less painful  
  • Sterile dressings remove easily from skin with water  
  • Each sterile dressing is individually wrapped  
  • 4" x 4" dressing 


 ASHI Authorized Training Center Member of the National Preparedness Coalition