Propane Safety

Propane Cylinder Safety Training Program

Propane Safety Video Program

The Propane Cylinder Exchange Training Program has been designed to train your employees on how to deal with propane safely. This in-depth, self-study training program has everything your in-house trainer needs to cover on propane safety.

The Propane Cylinder Exchange Training Program covers:

  • Characteristics of propane
  • Proper handling and storage of propane cylinders
  • Inspection of a Propane Cylinder
  • Removal of cylinders
  • Emergency procedures and more

The Propane Cylinder Exchange Training Program features:

  • (1) 17″ x 22″ Poster
  • (1) 40 min. Propane Cylinder Exchange DVD
  • (1) Participant’s Manual
  • (1) Participant’s Test
  • (1) Propane Safety Sticker
  • (1) Record of Training

Additional Consideration

Propane Cylinder Exchange DVD Training Kit (PROKDVD)

Price: $150.00

Propane Package Deal (PROPKG) (10) Participant’s Manuals, (10) Participant’s Tests & (10) Records of Training

Price: $95.00

Propane Cylinder Exchange Record of Training Package (ROT) (1) Participant’s Manual, (1) Participant’s Test & (1) Record of Training

Price: $10.00

Propane Participant’s Manual (PROM)

Price: $7.50