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Forklift Collision Avoidance System

40% of all forklift fatalities are caused by an individual being struck or run over by a forklift. Many of these accidents and fatalities can be avoided by warning pedestrians and operators of approaching danger. Our Sensor Alert Warning System allows for quick and easy recognition of possible hazardous situations. Why take chances of liabilities when you can avoid accidents and protect your most valuable assets?

By creating awareness to a possible danger, you reduce the risk of damage, injury and death. Reducing risk should reduce your liability and exposure to workman’s compensation claims, and increase employee morale as they see the company efforts to provide a safe workplace.


Rack Mount

Collision Awareness Lookout 1

Collision Avoidance Lookout 1 Activated

  • End of the rack aisles
  • Wall mount for end of aisle obstructions
  • Uses a single set of flashing LED lights

Rack Mount

Collision Awareness Lookout 1 Activated

Collision Avoidance Lookout 2 Activated

  • An additional set of lights that alternate when activated
  • Units include a 24V dc power pack and 25' of low voltage cable


Collision Avoidance Exterior


21 LED Lights




Powder coated stainless steel box for durability

  • Alerts pedestrians when forklifts are crossing
  • Unit mounts up and out of the way
  • No reflectors required
  • No expensive microwave sensors
  • Nothing attached to your forklifts
  • Low voltage wiring eliminates the need for conduit. 24V transformer plugs into an overhead outlet power source
  • Super bright LED lights with 100,000 hours life
  • Sensors are factory pre-set to monitor from inches to 32' away. They may be adjusted in an up/down & side/side motion when installed for final detection area coverage
  • Sound option for loud environments or outdoors
  • Injuries & fatalities as a result of forklift collisions can be eliminated
  • Universal transformer will handle incoming voltage from 277V to 24V as required
  • Indoor, outdoor and cooler applications
  • Significant loss prevention benefits
  • Steel powder coated boxes for durability
  • Available in Stainless Steel

Rack Mount

Look Out 3 Front View

Front View

Collision Avoidance Rack Rear View

Rear View

  • Monitor 3-way intersections and alert all directions
  • Two sensors monitor the main aisle while a third monitors the row that meets the main aisle to provide an alert in 3 directions
  • 25' standard cable

 LOOK OUT 2, 3 & 4
Hanging Mount

Hanging View

Front View

 Collision Avoidance Hanging View


  • For 2, 3 or 4-way intersections to monitor and alert all directions
  • Sensor range is 32' away and 42' wide, adequate distance to stop a fork truck traveling at OSHA recommended speeds
  • 50' of standard cable
  • Optional “Brilliant” light for mounts above 20'





 ASHI Authorized Training Center Member of the National Preparedness Coalition