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Elastic Bandage #1518


ELASTIC BANDAGE, with separate clips, 3" x 5 yards, each 


HART #1518, 3Elastic Bandage 

Can be used for support, compression or securing of splints, dressings, ice packs, treatment of varicosities, sprains, strains, torn or injured ligaments, prevention of re-injury to weakened joints, and to hold dressings in place with compression.

  • Woven to provide balanced stretch and compression, the bandage can be laundered, sterilized and reused
  • Economically priced
  • Cool and hypoallergenic
  • There is latex in the bandage, but not in the packaging
  • The high quality cotton is reinforced with rubber 3" x 5 yards, each


 ASHI Authorized Training Center Member of the National Preparedness Coalition